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Despite the big drums of modern developed States, popular medicine is probably as far behind the needs of the average family as it was in Victorian days. More drugs, some of them barely tried out (with consequences unknown), less personal attention and greater probability of passing through the system ineffectively. In some of the lesser developed European countries the incidence of cancer mortality is still far too great and the chances of having fatal illnesses diagnosed in time are still fairly slim. More and more medical practitioners face the law suits their negligence deserve and which are well defended with insurance policies tucked into the offshore companies. In most case, it is the victim.  - faced with the awesome barrage of disclaimers and lengthy, biased judicial systems who panic unless the lawyer favours a no win no charge approach. With the dearth of good legal advisors it is more than likely that the medical profession cotton wool wrapped by its subscription hungry representative association is not going to change much over the next decade at least.

Whilst governments continue to rake in as much money as possible to cover the costs of a safe national health service, it is well known that much in many countries never quite reaches its mark and ends up in such departments as can possibly be directly or indirectly related to this important public service.  The bureaucracy that attends it is often apathetic to public anxiety. It considers that the psychological stress behind the patientīs behaviour patterns is too time consuming to consider working on. In fact it is the exponential growth of staffing that is increasingly expensive and which in many instances comprises of friends of friends or (departmental head choices) not based on genuine



The Pitfalls of Antiageing







capacity. These recognized features of the civil service can produce a blindness to realities that lead all too often to its inability to function in the public interest, as more than one press headline has demonstrated in the past. As a result, more and more people even with barely sufficient family incomes stretch their hands out to the private services preferring (if not through snobbery) to deal with what they think is safer and guaranteed.