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The Pitfalls of Antiageing Claims

Anti ageing, like preventive medicine is fraught with a great deal of charlatanism and misconceptions that could lead an unwary reader into methods and so called products that could seriously endanger health.  This page has been designed to avoid all material, which in our estimation fails to satisfy the essential criteria of honesty and plain speaking.  General articles by us covering a basic subject at a time help to clarify and warn what the readers may find in the net under those headings.

Anti ageing is now as loud a cry as instant cures for most illnesses.  Anybody with basic intelligence however optimistic will realise that neither of these things really exist although they may well be products of this century.  Whereas the press alerts its readers of most important finds in this respect, much lies unattended because it is not considered important enough.  Yet among these forgotten items jewels of accepted function can be utilised to good advantage by all of us to combat the ageing process and better still to make us feel youthful which in itself, is an anti ageing process.

When we talk of anti ageing we talk of fighting factors that accelerate the ageing process.  Some so called tell tale signs are not always due to ageing but appear to do so like the wrinkles around the eyes and the flab of lack of exercise. We could not say that people with these characteristics are actually ageing more than others without it especially when we talk about wrinkles that could be caused eyestrain and grey or loss of hair.  Many things are hereditary and would be impossible to combat. They do not say that others without them are necessarily less aged.  The may look it but they are not necessarily older or younger. The fact is that only the body functions and with that,  we would add, the vital body functions, are the important parts of the ageing process,  We may look like Methuselah but may have hearts, livers, kidneys and lungs that are as strong as workhorses. Our circulation system may be very effective and young for the age, but our other vital mechanical functions may have been harmed by drugs or disease.  When we talk about anti ageing therefore we must know what it is that we are talking about.