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The Pitfalls of Antiageing Claims

The overall function of the body.

If we have to talk about anti ageing in general terms, we have to talk about the avoidance of stress, healthy daily non-fatiguing exercise and a diet covering all our nutritional needs. You will find a great deal on this site that will lead you to hours and hours of essential reading on all subjects relating to a long healthy life and its pursuit.- Check them out slowly and if possible print them out to avoid eye stress and for study when in the mood.

The body is essentially a self-repairing machine, which has enough battery power to last an average of seventy five years.  All parts are interrelated and without one of the basic mechanical instruments working properly, there is no quality of life or health. This in turn affects the non-mechanical parts like the brain and nervous system, which one would consider more chemical and electrical. Without iron in the diet for example, there would not be the magnetism that causes the oxygen we breathe to attach itself to the blood cells and hitch a lift to the brain in particular and other where it is urgently needed at all times.  This in itself would suggest that anything that replaces this essential material like carbon monoxide or airborne gases that reduce the level of oxygen on the conveyor belt process will do so much harm that in a fairly short space of time it would make you faint or cause permanent brain damage. Where the pollution is only a very small part of the intake, like inner cities or proximity to chemical plants, the damage would be gradual but effective just the same in the medium or short term. Anti ageing in this respect therefore is to know what the pollution levels are where you live or work and make plans to get out well before the harm is done. If not, campaigning against it might solve the problem if enough alarm can be raised.