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The sad thing with the proliferation of such services (as a growing and lucrative business enticement), is the entry of the unscrupulous and often ill equipped into the sector. In most instances these are quite incapable of handling the demands that the modern public make of a service that publicises every access to it for whatever ills. Filling the posts on both sides of the public and private sector are greedy sometimes incapable practitioners who recently told a patient in the U.K. during his public clinic session to hurry up because he could only give him ten minutes!  The lives in the hands of these systems and people is only too precariously balanced and without a massive overhaul of the two, nothing too extraordinarily positive can be expected to come out of it.

That is the sad side of the picture and questions as to why so and so died so young or so suddenly after the all clear of the previous medical examination, have to be left aside – at least for the time being… What happens to any one individual healthwise has a lot to do with what he eats and how he exercises but also with his own understanding of what the mechanics of life is all about and certainly what makes up his own very individual system.

Education versus the establishment

The great counteraction to the anonymous and less than perfect public medical system is probably education. With knowledge about the different effects and symptoms of approaching maladies and background information of probable inheritance of family diseases, any individual would be well armed. Understanding of one’s own body’s reaction to certain factors like pharmaceutical drugs and potential allergies would again represent a safety factor in case of strong corrective or urgent medical intervention. But that is not all... Some inherited imbalances, for want of better words, like sickle cell anaemia or thallasemia (potentially disastrous to the issue of two carriers), can often be avoided and much thyroid troubles simply cured with the correct use of ordinary table salt laced with now compulsive (in all socially advanced countries) iodine. Most people in the European countries all too often know absolutely nothing about these things. Today, thankfully, the all too often forgotten need for folic acid among pregnant women  is reasonably taken care of yet the disaster of perniciously anaemic children from mother and father is often not taken into account when a simple test on both before planning a family would have seemed the most logical thing to do.  The expense of it some would say, is the deterring factor, notwithstanding the intensive and expensive medical and psychological support that the patients would undoubtedly demand of their medical systems after the event. The latter of course, of a heavier and wasteful nature.




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