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The price of prevention

In the context of preventive medicine therefore neither the public nor the private health and welfare systems even have a handle with that name. Ask your doctor to examine you for potential or incipient cancer and he will more than likely prescribe Valium. Tell him whether you could have a CAT scan every now and then in case of growths in some vital organ and he will shrug his shoulders in the knowledge that such medical supports are only available when it is too late. But thankfully thing are changing. Whilst the state and private systems are not in themselves equipped to offer you such preventive exercises, the days of total prohibition are coming to an end. Preventive medicine has a ring about it and if not of a till, most certainly of a metallic price tag that will get smaller as the users increase in numbers.

Not all health preventive measures are expensive and not all countries offer their heavily used millionaire machines to all and sundry but they are gradually becoming available to those prepared to pay the price and where life is involved, money must surely be secondary to those little perks that one can all too often do without.

The silver lining

And now a great silver lining is appearing on those storm clouds of the 2Oth century the filaments of those great discoveries that followed the DNA unveiling the role of genes in every aspect of our overall health. Without these messengers there would be no order and without proper understanding of their role in our lives, we have little hope of determining just when things do or could go very wrong. This is the great study of the new era and even now in a somewhat significant if not wondrous way, their secrets are becoming available. Now, the frightening implications of inherited, fatal and socially disruptive diseases can be set aside with selective genetic isolation. Technically, only the best will do for those who left to chance would most certainly pass it on. However, not all is as simple as that. The genes which affect unknown parts of our system could be critical deciders with respect to what lies ahead on the medical front. Many years will yet go by before a key is found that will accelerate the understanding of the enormous number of genes that govern such a complex and critically balanced system like ours. Amazingly, some genes related to our nutritional system were isolated by scientists in the U.K. which would forever and for a start, change the very basic way we face our food today. All these genes some nineteen of them were found to be directly involved in the machinery of food assimilation and within record time a product that made it available to the average member of the public was on the market. The press called it the DNA diet somewhat misleadingly, when it fact they spoke of genetic failings in most of us within that gene grouping that demanded a counterbalance in the type of food we ate. The cynics said that a balanced diet covering al the vitamins and minerals would be more than sufficient, afraid no doubt that the petulant public would demand that the state provide it for free, but that is not the case and due attention to the nature of those failings must find compensation not in eating two of everything but making sure that the calorific balance contains more of those things that the genes through their failings demand..




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