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The problem of fraudulent use of knowledge.

It is this urgency precisely that has caused governments to start thinking seriously about the necessary legislation to prevent fraudsters using the health threat of genetic discoveries for gain. In Britain, high street chemists have refused to sell it over the counter deterred no doubt by the amount of time required to explain things properly to the clients in busy shops. Specialized computer programmes will eventually solve all this.

Where the importance really lies…

The analysts have got it very clear in their minds. The service is not a panacea for all ills, nor does it say which food you can eat and which is bad for you. The real contribution is that of the twenty or so genes studied, a very clear picture emerges of their function in respect to insulin, B vitamin groups, iron and antioxidants. If all or some represented variations from the normal, all nutritional activities related to these could be badly affected. This could mean that however balanced the food intake was, severe shortages of effective materials like antioxidants, B vitamins etc. could eventually lead the unwary person towards some of the common deadly diseases.





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