Nutritional Genetics

Recommendations are based on the unique combination of your genetic makeup, and include customized dietary and nutritional supplementation programs. Concrete information about the following seven areas in which the link between gene variations and lifestyle has been scientifically established are included in the testing and recommendations:

  • Heart Health Some genetic factors make it more likely that certain individuals will develop heart disease. Simple, easy to follow, advice helps reduce that risk.

  • Bone Health Certain genetic factors indicate a need for foods that provide your bones with the nutrients they require to stay strong. Specific foods that will help solve this problem are listed.

  • B Vitamin Use Many people have genetic variations that interfere with the way their bodies use B vitamins, an important factor in cell growth and maintenance. Use of recommended supplements can solve this common problem.

  • Detoxification Genes can determine how well your body cleanses itself of harmful toxins. If necessary, we recommend specific foods to give your cleansing systems a healthy boost.

  • Antioxidants A genetically determined level of antioxidants controls how well our bodies neutralize free radicals, destructive molecules involved in aging and a variety of diseases. Supplementation can help minimize these destructive effects.

  • Inflammation Depending on your genetic profile, you may need certain foods to fight damaging inflammation.

  • Insulin Sensitivity If your genes increase your risk of insulin sensitivity, we will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that help prevent this condition and reduce your risk of becoming diabetic.



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